Mame32k 0.64

Mame32k is a windows version of mame, an arcade game emulator, that support online play. This version in kinda outdated but it still the fastest and most reliable. Beside that, it's the most used emulator to play fighting game online. You can also record your gaming session by holding the left crlt + shift key while the game is loading. Defenetly the best emulator when playing on public servers. Note: the newest version of mame use a different version of the samurai shodown 4 romset, but this version still use the older one.

Standart for netplay
Recording capability
Relatively stable

Need a fast computer
Small glitch in sound
Outdated version


Final Burn Alpha is a very fast emulator for window that also support online recording. NeoGeo games compatibility is relatively new but is doing pretty well so far. One of the it's neat aspect is the possibility to overcloak the game hardware cpu, getting rid of the slowdown in Amakusa's Revenge when animation occur in background. Altought being near perfection while playing offline, it's not as stable as mame32k while playing online, and you might want to use it only on near lan network condition. Note: this version of final burn is to be used with the newest version of the samurai shodown 4 romset.

Very fast
Recording capability
Nice graphic filther

Barely used online
Desync during netplay

Notice: To play Samurai Shodown on those software you will need it's rom, which is a virtual image of the original game used by emulator. There is many controversy around playing copyrighted games on computer, and that is why you wont find rom on this page. There is plenty of places on the web to find them tought. In addition, you will also need the neogeo bios to run the game.