-Nice additions to the Sect of Amakusa for this week. First, I have injected a chatroom in Java within a section of the board itself. People can now talk in real time and keep in touch more easely. I'm currently looking for a moderator, check the chatroom section of the board for details.
-I also added a slideshow in the media section, presenting a diaspora of the evolution of the Samurai Shodown characters trought time. I may add more pictures or an interactive gallery eventually, when I have time for coding something decent in that matter.
-It also stroke me as to how much peoples were worshipping Ukyo on the board, and almost the third of the actual members are using his avatar. I'll probably be making additionnal avatars in the next days, and hopefully, adding new faces for the Samurai pimp.






-A few updates for today. If peoples haven't noticed yet, the first set of casual matches have been converted to movie. My own pc isn't powerfull enought to capture on an emulator such as mame, which take a considerable amount of ressource. So I had to do with the public computer where I'm currently working, but I'm very limited since I can't install anything on them. That being said, I can hardly edit the video with the name of the players, ect. Visual quality isn't the best either, but it's pretty viewable. Anyway, it's gameplay video, and it give what peoples want: seeing two samsho4 players trying to kill each other.

- As for the rest, I've begin working on the glossary section (only one that wasn't open yet), peoples who are unfamiliar with term such as "false CD cancel", "continuous slashes", "stunt hit", ect, might want to take a look and hopefully, make their reading of the combo sheets easier.






-Several changes starting today. First off, I've removed the Korean tournament set of matches to free up some space for what's comming next. As of now, I'll be recording to video the matches of the casual play and make them available for download. Please note that there will be only one video available at a time, and when a new one become available, the previous one will be removed. The mame replay file associated with the old video will be archived but peoples will still be able to download them. I've also put back online all the video pertaining to the combo section, which was removed because the set of matches were taking too much space. If someone want to host those matches, drop me a word in the forum, pm or email.






-Every combo sections for each characters have been completed and uploaded. This was really quite a lot of works, but managed to get it done. I've also corrected a few things on the others characters sheets, make sure you watch the version number. Also added/removed a few thing here and there in the other section. The first casual match is available, I haven't converted it but depending on peoples preference I might begin to put a few things in avi. In that matter I started a pollwhere you can be hear,
make sure to take a walk in the forum and look into it.
Since maybe people could find those combo sheets ackward, I'm thinking of making somekind of promotionnal video to display my latest discovery while I was doing those. It would also be an excuse to plug somewhere that bunch of samurai shodown 1 and 5 sp recording that are laying on my computer for a while now. I'll consider it eventually, once I get some times again on my hands. The site have now many things for people to look at, so I'll be working on refining some of the other aspect of the site. I'll probably be making the "technique" section of a character once in a while, which is a section that will contain review of a specific character and some recommendation on how to get the best out of them during a match. Over and out.






-I've just completed the profile section of each characters and uploaded them. You might want to take a look if the characters background and story interest you. I also added a few correction to some combo sheet, and slightly modified the way you navigate the menu as per recommendation of some users. I still haven't gotten my ram yet to record some online matches but I may just post a pack of replay to use with mame. It actually save space, is ridiculously small and since it only casual matches played online it's no big deal. The site is nicely progressing toward it's official oppening, but it was at at the cost of many concession, which I'll have to take care once this thing is done. Can't wait to finally have a little break and rest, but I can't stop now. I need to get it finished (at least all the section being functionnal, as design issue will be looking foward at a later time) in order for me to met with my other assignments. That pretty much covers it, more to come later.






-Quick update: each character "special" section are complete. I havent had time to look at them twice, so if you see anything suspicious, please notify me on the forum, pm or email.






-Many updates for today, been working like a beast to keep up with routine while still put many time on working on the site. From now on I'll be mainly focusing on putting up sections availables, while focusing on the design when I'm done with most of the textual content of the site. Since peoples begin to show up, I'll be putting stuff for them to look at. Keep in mind that the site still isn't officially ready so please bear with it until then.

-And now for the updates-

-The netplay section is now open
- I have uploaded the combo scheme sheets of 5 news character ( TamTam, Haomaru, Jubei, Kazuki and kyoshiro) and added a few correction to Charlotte. As those will probably go trought a few change over time, I've added a version number in each of them in order for you to make sure that you are up to date. For those who are a bit lost, I'll be adding a basic combination for each characters after I'm done whith their respective technique section.
-The advanced notions under the system section is now available. It's far from being completed, but I plan on adding stuff regulary
-I have written a first article, feel free to read it and discuss it on the message board. I'm currently working on another one as of now.
-The profile section of each character will most likely be completed in the next days as soon as I get the okaying from someone who got information about each character background directly from snk.
That's pretty much for now, yet still many things to do-






-Several update for today, first thing is the medias section now open. There is a complete korean samurai shodown 4 tourney now available to download. I have also put my complete Amakusa's Revenge trilogy in the combo section, but due to the space currently available, you will have to get them trought third party website for now. You can also request a specific one on the message board then I'll see if we can work something out.

-I'll also put online some casual matches eventually, I'm just waiting for some (lazy) friend of mine to go get the ram I bought him since I gave one of my chip to little sister while fixing her computer.
Be sure to check the media section back later this month.

-I have also finished additionnal characters combo scheme sheet but I'm still waiting until to complete some more to see if there any update to be made to the appendix.

Comming next....

-From now on I'll be working on putting the Basic system and Netplay section online, as well as completing the section that were left empty on the message board. I'll also upload other characters combo sheet depending on the progress I'm making on toward a final version of the appendix.

-Finally, I have tell some peoples about the current development of this website, in order to get some activity on the board before announcing it publicly. Amongs them is p100q, someone I'm knowing from my online experience of the game. Not particulary the easiest type to get along with, but he's pretty knowledgable about the game, and I'm sure he will be glad to answer peoples technical question about the game while I'm busy working with the site.

That's all for today folks.






-Still working intensively on the website, expect many things for the next days. Completed several caracters combo scheme sheets and as a sample I have put charlotte section online. You'll need acrobat reader 6.0 to read it, get it here.

-Currently working on the medias and netplay section, they will be available in the next days. Forum is up and functionnal, peoples are welcomed to drop by and begin posting but don't bug me with anything yet, I'm too busy with work and polishing up the site.






- I just finished making a banner for the site, so that people may link to it properly.

Just insert the following code into your html page:

<a href="http://geocities.com/amakusa2k5/"><img src="http://geocities.com/amakusa2k5/Banner.gif" width="200" height="60" border="0"></a>




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